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My name is Jayde Reilly, (new) owner of (The) Midwest Herdsman. After Sue Finley's unexpected passing in November of 2017, I purchased the business and started the updating process. 

While updating, I decided to drop "the" out of the business name. What may seem like a minor detail to most, means an awful lot to me and those who knew Sue. Sue Finley will forever be THE Midwest Herdsman. So, out of tribute to her and her establishment of this business...that's how it will remain. 

Midwest Herdsman 2.0 combines a new set of services and modern look with the same passion and dedication to the livestock industry of which Sue carved out. 

Sue Finley has been a great role model for the livestock industry and I hope to serve you in your livestock marketing needs with the same passion, dedication and spirit. Please view the SERVICES page get started on your next marketing campaign.