Photography & Videography

From the pasture to the backdrop and every stop in between, photography and videography is available to customers to showcase their animals, family and operation. Depending on the project, customers will receive downloadable files to save to their storage system. Candid photos and backdrop pictures are also available for purchase in the "Buy Now" tab. 

Print Media

The design and printing of advertisements, brochures, newsletters, banners and catalogs is available. The customer will always receive PDF copies of work which can be uploaded to your website or social media for viewing, if wanted. Print media can be created to suit your annual, biannual, quarterly or one time needs.

Web Design

An eye-catching website is necessary for connecting with current customers and potential membership prospects. We offer the development & management of websites through multiple platforms (hosts) to choose from to best suit your specific needs.

Logo & Rebranding

A logo is the first thing a potential customer sees. It defines who you are and more importantly; what you want to be within your industry. It is extremely important that your branding consistent, easy to read and recognizable. Midwest Herdsman provides creative services to design branding that best fits your company’s/organization’s mission statement and it's goals moving into the future. Clients receive all formats for external use and publications including .png, .pdf, and .eps in all color variations requested. 

Social Media

A strong social media presence is crucial for the longevity of a positive reputation in addition to connecting with current and prospective customers. Social media management includes composing engaging content, media distribution, and interacting with followers. Midwest Herdsman is certified through multiple courses to build social media plans to increase content engagement of which can result in strengthening your bottom line. 

Email Marketing

Marketing through way of email can be an effective tool for relaying information to membership, advertising upcoming events and distributing documents in a user friendly manner. Email marketing can include e-newsletters, farm sales, stockshow news, clinic information and more! Use email marketing tactics and engage with your customers in the most cost effect way in marketing today. 

Creative Writing

Blogs, newspaper articles and press releases are an important piece to your company’s/organization’s communication strategy. Creative writing pieces can be created and directed to any topic you may choose.

Interested in one of the above services?

Please contact Jayde for details at